Hello! My name is Emily and I want to thank you for visiting my blog! This blog is a semester assignment for my online media class, but I intend for it to become more than just something I HAVE to do for credit. As a huge lover of food and cooking, my goal is to provide college students, and anyone else interested, with wonderful places to eat out in Arizona (particularly around ASU’s Tempe campus) and how to simply re-create some of your favorite restaurant dishes right at home!

My culinary interest stems from my mom, who has always made everything homemade and constantly creates amazing, creative meals. She even wrote her own cookbook called “Shiitake Sampler”, with you guessed it, tons of shiitake mushroom recipes! I remember my friends always being so excited to come over to the house because instead of frozen pizza or ordering pizza, we would make our own homemade dough and create our own special pizzas. There would also always be an abundance of fresh, homemade cookies available to nibble on. Now that I’m no longer in the dorms and I have an apartment with a kitchen, I’ve been experimenting a lot with cooking, trying out tons of recipes and making up my own. After years of watching my mom in the kitchen and getting some great cooking lessons over the holidays from my sister Holly who just spent a couple months in Italy learning how to cook, my goal is to show you how easy it can be to create delicious, fun and cheap meals right at home! Some of my favorites sites to find recipes at include Food Network, Taste of Home, and Yum Sugar. Check them out!

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