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Chicken Salad Melt Sandwich

When I think about the perfect lunch, I imagine a big, delicious sandwich. If I could recommend one local place to pick up the best sandwich, it would have to be the Orange Table.

I had never heard of it until I went out to lunch with some c0-workers from my internship. Tucked away in Scottsdale’s Civic Center Plaza, the Orange Table is a small cafe that uses only fresh, high-quality ingredients and was voted by the Phoenix New Times as having the “best burger” in 2007 and being the “best neighborhood coffee house” in 2007 and 2008.

As a college student, I get bored with the basic deli sandwiches offered on campus. I rarely order sandwiches when I eat out because I usually end up disappointed. However, the Orange Table’s description of their “Chipotle Chicken Melt” forced me to change my mind. I was blown away when I took a bite into this sandwich! The chicken was juicy-marinated and roasted to perfection! It was served on delicious grilled sourdough bread and the lettuce, tomato, cheese and spicy mayo complimented the chicken perfectly. I was definitely impressed!

I immediately started thinking about how to make my own tasty version at home. Trying to keep things basic, simple and cheap, I came up with this recipe I hope you will enjoy as much as I did! I think the key to a great sandwich is the bread. Sure, it’s easy to pick up the first generic loaf of bread you see at the grocery store, but here’s a tip: If you take just a couple minutes to browse through the bakery section at your grocery store, you can usually find very fresh and interesting kinds of bread available at a discount price. Another tip: Often times there is bread not on display that the bakers will gladly offer to you if you ask (since they end up just throwing it away if it’s not used!).

For my sandwich I used a delicious loaf of wheat sourdough bread I purchased from Trader Joes. First, I combined half a can of shredded chicken (found near the canned tuna in the store) with chopped red onions, celery and tomatoes. In a small bowl, I then combined 1 tablespoon mayo, 1/2 tablespoon sour cream, some lemon juice, salt, pepper, dried parsley, garlic power and cayenne to create a creamy/spicy mixture. I added this to the chicken and other ingredients.

Finally, I arranged the “chicken salad” on 1 lightly buttered piece of bread and sprinkled shredded chedder cheese on top. I placed a slice of pepper jack cheese on the other piece of bread. I then placed  both pieces open face on a cookie sheet and broiled my creation in the oven until the cheese was hot and bubbly! The sandwich was very good and I was impressed by the taste of my spicy mayo/sour cream combination. The canned chicken was surprisingly tasty as well. This was so easy and it just goes to show how easy  it is to make delicious, restaurant-like meals at home! To sum up this recipe, here is what you need:

(Serves One)

2 pieces of good bread

1/2 can (6 ounces) of shredded chicken

1 tablespoon mayo

1/2 tablespoon sour cream

chopped red onions, celery, tomatoes

dash of lemon juice

season with salt, pepper, dried parsley, garlic powder and cayenne (or any other ‘spicy’ spice such as dried chopped chili, cumin, curry etc.)

cheese (cheddar and pepper jack work well!)

Enjoy! I’ve done some recipe looking for chicken melt sandwiches and these sound great. Check them out: Paula Deen’s Almond Chicken Salad Melt and Chipotle Chicken Melt.